Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Way

The heavy stone door is slowly but surely sliding down on the deadline for final projects this semester.  I'm really hoping I'll be able to pull off a dramatically miraculous escape from the evil clutches of college just before the door hits the ground...and possibly even have a split second to go back for my hat.  On second thought, no way could I be that lucky---good thing I don't wear hats.

All the psychology work I have to do in the next two weeks is really making me glad I'm looking into other majors.  I'd much rather write a collection of poems than a 5-page experiment paper and presentation any day.  I don't even know what kind of experiment I want to do.  Psychological studies are MUCH more complicated than one might think.  I'm not sure if I could handle all this for four more years, so creative writing is looking pretty darn finger-lickin' good at this point.  The more I think about it, the more I realize that it's all I've ever wanted and that I can really make a difference with this kind of education.  I've always wanted to write books anyway...much longer than I've wanted to be a math teacher or a social worker or a school counselor or anything like that.

However, there is one very important dream I'm never giving up on, no matter what kind of education I end up with---foster parenting is one of the most important things in the world to me.  If my purpose in life is to be a mom and raise my kids so they can function normally in society, I'm going all out.  I've been a little panicky lately at the thought of sitting in a house mopping the floor and cooking dinner all day for the rest of my life.  Somebody has to do it, and I know I've been blessed so that I can have a family that will be everything I want us to be.  But I'm doing it my way.

If I have the ability to raise my own family, then why shouldn't I share that with others?  It keeps me up some nights---the thought of kids who have nowhere to go and can't defend themselves from the way the world can be.  There are a lot of problems in this world, and it's the least I can do to tackle one or two that are close to home.  Don't all of us who've been blessed with good lives owe that to those who haven't been as lucky?

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