Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Push the lever, stupid computer rat!

For the past two days (and I highly doubt this is letting up soon), my brain has been dying at a speed that is alarmingly beyond my control.  Last week I was running and screaming from college and homework and anything of that kind, but now I've accepted my fate.  I have nine papers (NOT an exaggeration) and a powerpoint presentation to get done this week.  I also have to spend about four hours training a virtual rat.  Yes, you read that right.

I'm very tempted to go into complete hibernation for the entire three week break.  Considering the workload I'll be juggling next semester, I think I'd deserve it.  I'll be taking developmental psychology, English 2010, creative writing, western swing, and radio performance.  I'm gonna get to be a DJ!!!!!  As strange as it may sound, I've kind of wanted to do that for a REALLY long time.  And I'll get to play good stuff instead of screamo and hip hop like they play right now.  In case they didn't know, that is NOT the only kind of music people my age listen to.

College observation of the day:  It's amazing how much good it does to look at a situation from a completely different point of view.  Thank heavens for the guys downstairs who are willing to listen to my ridiculously boring problems and give me all the advice a girl could ever want.  Just yesterday I had three of them sitting around me in their living room, picking my problems apart and coming up with solutions.  Not gonna lie, it's a pretty good self esteem boost to know that they care that much about my relatively lame life.

Finally, I need to express my intense frustration that Weber State's finals week is happening right now and that all my friends up there keep rubbing it in my face.  I WILL FIND YOU ALL!!!  But then, of course I will--we all need to hang out.  When I'm done sleeping.

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