Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Will It Blend? SCPD Edition

Don't you love those days when walking through a bunch of dead leaves feels so good that you inevitably show up late to everything?  So do I.

Today isn't one of those days.

The wind is blowing and turning ears and noses red.  Campus is totally devoid of life, except for the occasional hooded figure hunching over and doing his/her best to curl up into a ball while still moving.  I'm fairly sure the temperature is somewhere below -3.  And yet, nothing is falling from the sky--citizens throughout the county are still debating whether that's good or bad.  My personal opinion has been sitting precariously on a white picket fence all day.

Psychology is the scariest/hardest/most Chuck-Norris-awesome subject to major in.  But every so often we psych majors have our chill days.  Today my professor took two Big Mac meals, blended them up, and fed them to two students--on a dare.

We watched this video on Thursday while talking about advertising methods, and two of the guys in class said they would try it if they could.  A testosterone-fueled double-dog-daring frenzy ensued, and today manliness was proven once and for all.  And, I believe, caught on video.  We then got a very detailed description of what it tasted like (which I'd rather not go into), and any chance of focusing--for professor and students alike--was thrown violently out the window.

Today was great.

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