Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun Stuff Writers Get To Do

Eavesdropping.  People watching.  Endlessly recording words, phrases and images that jump out at us.  This was my homework for today.

A small autobiographical moment:

A couple stood on the sidewalk outside Lindsey's bedroom window, melted in each other's arms.  To maintain our anonymity, I reached out and pushed the light switch down, sending the room into darkness.  Though Lindsey was gentle, she couldn't keep the window from making a small creak as she pushed it open.  Her hand was a dark shape against the streetlights as it moved up to make a gap in the blinds.  Her breath catching from pent-up laughter, she managed a strangled "Gorilla!" before letting the blinds go with a shuffle.  As we dissolved into 2 am snorts and giggles, the silhouettes of the two people jumped apart and hurried away in search of a more private location.

Dead leaves wallow in frequent puddles like sleeping ducks on a pond.

His words tumble out of his mouth in glorious abandon.

A crudely drawn face grins vacantly from the surface of the computer desk.

Crumpled red leaves skitter down the sidewalk.

A car horn freezes the early morning silence.

My little brother grins a cherry Slurpee grin at me from the passenger seat as we sing along with Boston's greatest hits.

Guy 1: "These are my contacts for jobs."
Guy 2: "Jobs?"
1: "It's not homework, you just have to meet at 4.  I'm trying to get into English."
2: "This is so slow."
1: "Oh, my gosh."

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