Tuesday, January 24, 2012


On the outside, I am tall, smart, and shy.  Others notice I am a good listener and friend.
I can be seen taking pictures or writing.
I can be heard saying, “What!” or, “Freak!”
I have light brown hair and blue-brown eyes.
I spend a lot of time noticing things that others don’t seem to see.
You hopefully won’t ever see me angry.

On the inside I am anxious, curious, and alert.  I worry about the future and whether I’ll have enough time in my life to achieve all of my goals.
I am afraid of bees, what others think of me, and never falling in love.
I dream I will someday change lives.  I imagine myself as an all-knowing poet and a hero.
No one knows that I hate when I’m pressured and that I can get angry on the inside.  And if I had a wish it would be to get through to someone who has been given up on by everyone else.

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