Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Tribute to Natalie

Thanksgiving was awesome.  My brain was getting severely damaged from all the pressure school's been handing me lately, and the break couldn't have come at a better time.  However, not everyone's Thanksgiving went as well as mine.

My 14-year-old sister Rachel found out on Friday that her friend Natalie had committed suicide on Thursday night.  I can only imagine what it would feel like to lose a friend like that.  Rachel is much more musically talented than I am (which, I would hope, is saying something), and she was working on a song for the rest of the break.

I'm trying to find
The words but they're jumbled
When I first found out
A silent prayer was mumbled

Could it be you?
Could it be true?
I'm counting the days
Till I see you again

You will be flying
Above the rooftops
You'll always be in my heart
Till I can see

When this is through
Just know that I loved you
So this one's for you

I'm holding to faith
To help me through
I'm trying to see
But all I want to see is you

I'll always love you
I'll always miss you
I'm counting the days
Till I see you again

I'm trying not to cry
Trying to let these tears dry
'Cause I know that they'll never
Bring you back

No 9th grade girl should have to feel like death is the only way out.  And no 8th grade girl should have to deal with the trauma of saying goodbye to someone who never should have left.  No family member should have such a tragic ending to what should have been a wonderful day.

The only comfort I can offer is that I know that everything happens for a reason, and that Heavenly Father loves all His children.  Natalie is with Him now, where she can heal and find peace.  For anyone who wishes they could have kept it from happening, I can only say that the best way to prevent things like this is to be the best person you can be, treat everyone you encounter with love and respect, and follow your instincts.  If you are this person, good for you.  Always be that way.  If you still have work to do, keep trying and never give up.  People will still make their own decisions, but you can be comforted in that you did what you could to help them.

I pray that Natalie's family and friends will be comforted and that they'll eventually be able to find peace for themselves.

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