Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Little-Known Fact About Me:

I hate thunder.

Not the kind that you go out and listen to when you're bored (or want to seem romantic)--I'm talking about the kind of earth-shattering crashes that cause you to wonder if you or your place of residence will survive the night.  During storms like these, you will find me cowering in my bed, wondering if my mom would hear her phone go off so late.  I would be wishing the night would just be over, but 3 am (the soul's midnight...) is an incredible distance from morning if all you have to do is hide under your covers and hope for silence.

Also, autumn is my favorite season:

leaves swirl and chatter in the technicolor breeze
Trees have shed their skins,
open arms waiting to receive their white winter coats

the temperature slips slowly down the rolling hills
children everywhere close their eyes in reverence,
for they can already taste snowflakes on their tongues

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