Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doctor, come quick! It's--I think it's--

Spring fever.

It has come upon us, and no one can escape.  College students everywhere are suffering from its effects--this college student included.

The sidewalks smell like pine, rain, and vitamin D.  Those of us who are lucky enough to have (or make) free time are invading grassy areas and volleyball courts with extreme vigor.  Pants are getting shorter, parties are getting louder, classes are growing even more meaningless, and the elusive Pacific beaches are calling us with voices against which our wills are powerless.

Lucky for us, Snow College has implemented a commonly-used method of curing April boredom--FINAL PROJECTS.

*insert horrified/disgusted sound here*

So many books to read.  So many virtual white pages to fill up with small black letters, the flashing cursor mocking us when we run out of things to say.  So many meetings to set up and groups to kick into gear.  So many awful things that we've put off for months and that are now clawing their way out of the ground, making horrible moaning noises that keep us up at night.  My fourth finals week is coming up, and like always, I'm still amazed at how anyone could possibly make it through all this ugly mental and emotional turmoil.

"Emotional turmoil?" you ask.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Not only are finals looming over our heads, we also have other pressing things to worry about.  Once again I'm going to bring up that adorable scene from Bambi when the owl explains "twitterpation" and all the cute little animals find love.  The funny thing is that whoever wrote that movie isn't too far off.  Three couples (that I know of) have gotten engaged since spring break.  If that's not cause for worry, I don't know what is!  It's a madhouse out here!  Everyone's making their last-ditch efforts to secure that special someone, knowing that the end of the year will be here soon and all chances will be lost.

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