Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How I'll Meet My Honey© part II

She feels a hand touch her arm, and she is quite literally shocked to see him again. Once more, he asks her to dance—this time in front of all her friends! She goes with him, praying that her face isn't too red or her smile too wide. Slowly, they turn in circles to the music. He wants to know her favorite color, and she asks him about his favorite movies. She isn't quite sure how to react to the way his eyes stay on her, and she has to concentrate to keep from stumbling.

He can sense some of her nervousness, and it only mesmerizes him more. He is nervous too, but he hides it with his questions. He likes the way she stops to think before she answers, as if determined to choose the right things to say. The song is over, but he doesn't want to let her go.

“Do you like to go for walks?” he asks suddenly.

Her heart is in her throat, and all she can do is nod.

“I do too,” he says, trying not to hope. “Are you doing anything after this?”

She swallows. “No, I don't think so,” she says slowly, not wanting to sound too eager.

His grin is almost too big for his face. “Shall we?” he asks, motioning towards the door.


The street is dark and quiet. She is half wondering if this is real. He is curious about everything about her. They walk down cracked sidewalks and talk about anything. They wish they could keep going all night, but they both have class the next morning. He walks her to her apartment.

“Well, thanks for hanging out with me,” she says. Neither one knows what to say for a minute.

“Could I call you tomorrow?” he finally bursts out.

She is taken aback. “Sure,” she says. They exchange phones and program their numbers into them.

He is elated. “So…I'll call you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, talk to you tomorrow,” she says, laughing a little.

“Okay. Bye, [girl name].” He starts backing away.

“Bye, [boy name],” she says, opening her door.

They stare at each other for a moment, and then the door closes.

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