Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring break's over...so what now?

It's been a month since my post, and I apologize profusely to all my adoring readers...how many are there now?  Two, maybe?  It's all good--someday I'll be unbelievably famous and people will go back to read this stuff and say to themselves, "Wow...she was a genius all along!  Who knew?!"

Spring break is over and the jackets are finally starting to release their hold on the populace.  I almost forgot how good it feels to walk down the street with the sun on my back and to crack windows open when it gets hot (the radio studio heats up like an oven in any type of weather...).  It's getting harder and harder to sit in a stuffy classroom while watching the birds hopping through the grass just on the other side of the window.  At least there are only 45 days left in the semester (29 school days, 6 weekends, and 4 days of finals).  Then it's off to whatever prestigious institution I choose to spend the rest of my 4-6 years of college.  I just spent some time looking at BA English (creative writing emphasis) requirements, and I must say that I like what I see.  This next school year is gonna be CRAZY fun, studying advanced poetry writing and British literary history Romanticism to present.  It probably sounds awful to those of you who don't share my love of writing, but I think that's a pretty good indicator that this is where I should be--why else would I be so excited about such yucky-sounding classes?

Anyway, back to spring fever--I really wish our teachers would just let us have class outside!  Maybe I could convince my creative writing teacher to try it out...hmmm....

In other news, this week is going to be awesome!  Western swing on Wednesday, a concert on Friday (a bunch of local people the Kage hunted down, but hopefully they're good!), and the spring ball on Saturday (I really hope they find some good music to play in between all the Rihanna and Lady Gaga stuff they love so much).  I guess the best cure for spring fever is to keep yourself busy!  I'm really going to miss Snow and all my friends here, though.  I really do love it here.

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