Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What am I going to do with myself after all this?

The last month of any given semester is a funny time.  It convinces you that the rest of your life will be a breeze if you can just finish this last 10-page paper...but it's not true.  The hardest thing to remember at this point in a college student's life is that summer vacation isn't quite as mystically exciting as it once was.  As soon as we pack up and leave this little town, we'll be thrown headfirst into jobs, family life, and college friends that are nowhere to be found.  I love my friends back home, but there are so many people here that I'll miss like crazy!  Also, I need to find some kind of decent job to pay for my next two years of school (and hopefully a laptop...).

But it's not all that bad.  At least homework isn't included.

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