Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kids today.

A random wrong number conversation that ensued yesterday afternoon.  I kept it up because she was so much fun to mess with.

Her: Hi how are you and have a good summer and I can't wait too go too lagoon on Wednesday.:-)
Text me back
Me: Who is this?
Her: It's me your best friend Julie.
Me: I think you have the wrong number.
Julie: I don't have the wrong number and is it ---
Me: Yeah, who do you think this is?
Julie: it's my good friend Hailee and are you going too lagoon on Wednesday.
Me: This isn't Hailee, sorry.
Julie: What's your name then if it isn't Hailee.
Me: Andie.
Julie: How old are you then.
Me: I don't think you need to know that.
Julie: How come.;-)
Me: Because I don't talk to strangers who are still in junior high and I hate Lagoon.
Julie: Will I didn't know that and why don't you like lagoon.
Me: I don't like roller coasters.  You probably have other friends who have Hailee's number, and I'm a girl in case you're getting ideas.
Julie: So your names not Andie And it's Hailee.
Me: Mmmmkay.  Apparently I'm having one heck of an identity crisis.  Don't you have friends to talk to?
Julie: What is an identity crisis.
Me: Never mind.
Julie: Where do you live and be my friend ok and no more problems.
Me: I live in Salt Lake and I'm in my 20's, so no thanks.
Julie: Howcome and do you like it there in salt lake.
Me: There's lots of smog.  Dude, how old are you?
Julie: I'm 14 almost 15.
Me: Oh gosh, girls your age are so freaking obnoxious!
Julie: So are you a girl or a guy.
Me: Go through your earlier texts, I told you already.
Julie: Ok your a girl and I like that name Andie it's a nice name
Me: Thank you?  Seriously, you don't have anyone else to talk to?
Julie: Your welcome and no I don't have anyone to talk too
Me: Oh, sad for you.
Julie: Do you have friends.
Me: Yep, lots :)
Julie: Are you my friend
Me: Nope, I can't deal with anyone who's more than two years younger than me.
Julie: Ohh man I guess you can't be my friend anyone.
Me: Sorry.  Track down Hailee's real number and you'll feel better.

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