Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"You begin to get weak in the knees...."

I'll get to my point in a little bit, so bear with me while I go off on a tangent--

What is up with twitter?  Could there possibly be a more pointless website?  It's like a facebook status without all the other fun things that come with a facebook account!  Really, why would you want to log on to a website every five minutes just to inform the world (or rather, your 3 followers) of your every move?  I must admit--I'm a facebook junkie.  Why would you go to a site to do one thing when you could do the same thing and tons more on another site?

However, I have found one good reason to have a twitter account.  That reason is that Owl City likes to give away free songs for twitter updates, and I am more than happy with the trade.  I don't even have any followers, anyway.  Ha.

Bambi.  That's the movie that's coming to mind right now.  The part when the cute, grumpy old owl gives three familiar youngsters "the talk".  Their bright, innocent faces become shocked as they hear his view of how attraction works (random thought: I wonder if, in the world of talking woodland creatures, the owl ever got burned by a she-owl? Or was he just messing with those poor kids?  Something to think about later...).

Twitterpated.  Is any other word in the English language more fun to say?  And let me tell you, from my humble point of view, it feels like finding a forgotten Almond Joy in a tiny pocket of your purse when you didn't think you had anything but chapstick and lint.

An observation on physical attraction: is there such a thing as ugly eyes?  If you're attracted to someone, is there any way you could look into his/her eyes and say to yourself, Oh wow, not that one!  Ugh, his/her eyes...!  Food for thought.

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