Thursday, November 29, 2007

school is boring and other lesser-known facts :P

This is a poem I had to memorize for English class a couple weeks ago. It's pretty dark. Sad too. No idea why I'm posting it, but I'm bored and I'm at school which is even more boring. And I don't have a book to read.

Bridal Ballad
Edgar Allen Poe

The ring is on my hand,
And the wreath is on my brow;
Satins and jewels grand
Are all at my command.
And I am happy now.

And my lord he loves me well,
But when first he breathed his vow,
I felt my bosom swell,
For the words rang as a knell,
And the voice seemed his who fell
In the battle down the dell,
And who is happy now.

But he spoke to reassure me
And he kissed my pallid brow,
While a reverie came o'er me
And to the churchyard bore me,
And I sighed to him before me,
Thinking him dead D'Elormie,
"Oh, I am happy now!"

And thus the words were spoken,
And thus the plighted vow,
And, though my faith be broken,
And, though my heart be broken,
Behold the golden key
That proves me happy now!

Would to God I could awaken
For I dream I know not how,
And my soul is sorely shaken
Lest an evil step be taken,
Lest the dead who is forsaken
May not be happy now.

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