Thursday, December 6, 2007

funny texting story

So guess what happened at school today?

This is a texting conversation between my bff Britt and someone neither of us know:

???: who dis?
Britt: who are you?
???: amber. who are you?
Britt: why do u want to know?
amber: you're on my contacts. what's your name?
Britt: take me off your contacts!!
amber: well gosh just wanted your name *beep* is that such a hard question??

Ok, here's the funny part. When Britt got the last one, I told her to call the person and tell them to stop texting her. She wouldn't do it, so I told her I would. She dialed the number, put it on speaker, and handed it to me. I got the girl's voicemail. This is what I said:

"Hi, this is that girl that you keep texting. I don't know you and I'm pretty sure you don't know me. And you keep swearing at me, which is making me mad. Please stop texting me."

I had to hang up fast so I could laugh. And then Britt said, "Way to be forceful!"
Amber texted back and apologized.

rotflol :D

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