Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Salmon of Doubt + late night + internet access =

This is one of those nights preceded by yet another unproductive day made more unproductive because you felt yucky the whole time and so you took something with caffeine in it around dinnertime, not remembering until immediately after that you haven't had caffeine in a long time and therefore you were in for a long night... so you got to bed around 10:30, played solitaire for an hour, got out of bed to change into pajamas, picked up a Douglas Adams book, and felt so tired you didn't even giggle as you started reading it and then you were caught in that between stage where you weren't awake or asleep--your eyes couldn't focus so well--so then you reached for your new smartphone and checked Facebook again...(spoiler alert: nothing really changes on there after midnight) and then decided to write a blog post that won't sound anywhere near as good tomorrow as it does right now.

Good night, all.

p.s. Anne says hi.

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