Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Use of the word "townsfolk" and a demand for answers

Over Christmas break, my parents paid me handsomely to clean out our upstairs closet.  For those who have never been to our house, this closet is kind of our house's version of an older house's attic, stuffed with old bits of paraphernalia that haven't seen daylight for years.

Among the general piles of "stuff" were various articles of baby clothing, old school projects, outdated church magazines, and my dad's tape collection (not sure why Pink Floyd has been in hiding for so long!).  I found some interesting things in my section...

Hedwig would be proud.
Apparently this is what I looked like in 4th or 5th grade.  I could've given the Cheshire Cat a run for his money.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was on Weatherschool in 5th grade!  Totally got Len Randolph's signature and got to demonstrate a homemade thermometer on live TV.

The Surprise Party (3rd grade)

Once upon a time, in their castle high on a rocky cliff, Princess Bright and Prince Klever planned a surprise for the King and Queen.
"Let's throw a surprise party for them since they've been such great parents!" Princess Bright suggested.
"Okay," Prince Klever said, "but parties are hard to plan.  Who will we invite?  Where will we have it?  What will we do to have fun?  Do you know these answers?"
"Well, we can invite...."  She thought a bit.  "I know!  We can invite the townsfolk.  They're always ready to get invited to a royal party.  We can have it in the Banquet Hall."
"Yes, but what will we do?" he asked.
"Well, we can think about that.  What do Mom and Dad like?"
"They like anything that's pretty.  Let's put flowers all over the place.  We can have a feast."
They did, and it was fun.


*I'd like to point out my wonderful usage of symbolism in the character names, my brilliant character-developing dialogue, and my daring at calling a royal monarch "Dad".  Beautiful.

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