Tuesday, February 8, 2011

College is hard.

Creative writing class is so much fun!  I wish I loved all my other classes this much!  It's so great to find something I'm really good at, but that I still have a lot of room to improve in.  It'll give me something to do for the rest of my life!

Just kidding, I'm sure I'll have other things to do in my spare time.  Ha.

In class the other day, my story was one of the two that we picked apart.  I was surprised at all the good things everyone had to say about it!  Part of what made this one different was probably that I've been working on it for months, as opposed to my other assignments that I...might have thrown together...overnight....  It was a vampire story (I know, hurry and go find a bucket/toilet/garbage can/etc.  Fast!)  But, to be fair, I've been a vampire fan since eons before Twilight.  Just thought I'd defend my honor a little bit.

I also got lots of suggestions--if you've ever tried writing anything, you know that there's always something you can miss that someone else can pick up on.  That's why I love that class.  15-20 different points of view are like supercharged energy drinks for writing!  Now my story can finally make a humongous and fake-looking slam-dunk just like on the commercials!

And now I have to resist the urge to use up the rest of my day editing stuff and study for my psychology test.  I know, I know--why the heck am I still taking psychology?  Hasn't that ship already cast off and set sail?  Well, dear reader(s), this is developmental psychology, and since I plan on raising children at some point in the future, this is some seriously good shtuff.

Not sure how to end this one.  Have an amazing day!

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