Friday, January 18, 2008

A Poem

The dad in a family in my ward just came home from Iraq about a week ago. I wrote a poem about it for english, and everyone seemed to like it. Here it is:

City lights happily
run and
jump and
skip. They flicker and
twinkle with pure and absolute joy.
The overcast sky is
glow of
peace and reunion.

Small holes in the ground
are the only remaining evidence of a
battalion of fabric soldiers
dressed in
red and white stripes
and proud white stars on seas of blue
that, unable to stay at attention,
flapped excitedly in the wind and

They were waving at a homecoming,
a beautiful end to a
l o n g , exciting!, nervous…, proud, lonely, caring, noble journey.

They matched nicely with the yellow ribbons
tied to everything that was standing still,
their arms
in unison with the proud flags,
beckoning, welcoming

also in unison
with the beautiful young woman who
wanted to hold his hand again,

with the two tiny little girls
and the one even tinier little boy, who put their
hands and hearts
on a banner,
eager and excited

for Daddy to come home.

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  1. Wow...Andi, that is wonderful. Your poetry is beautiful and the subject is absolutely wonderful. Your mom told me all about the flags and the ribbons. I am so glad your family is so thoughtful. Your mom is so pleased with you. I love how she brags about you every time I talk to her. Love you Andi.


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